Action on the field 16/17 July 2005

Tim bringing Paul’s 95″ Cessna in on final approach.  MVVS 160 petrol.
Bob after his first flight with the P51.  OS 120 four stroke. Retracts and flaps
Armchair flying – Brian is at the centre of a deep discussion with Rob and Roy and doesn’t even have to look at the model
MK Synergy from the Balsa kit.  YS 63  12 x 7 APC.  2 x JR 7005s on Ailerons, JR 8236s on elevator and rudder, with a JR342 on throttle.
 Profilm wing and tailplane, two-pack on fuselage, 6lb 2oz dry.  (1 lb too heavy  but still performs well).  Nicest kit you are ever likely to see.
  Only hardware supplied is one wing bolt (only one is required!). This means you can equip the model with your choice of undercarriage and fittings.
Matt’s re-engined Majestic (YS 140 Dingo, 16 x 12 APC) and the re-engined No 1 Synergy (YS160 Dingo 17 x 12 APC).
 Both running on 30% Cool Power .
On the hottest day of the year.  Roy keeping his model cool in true ‘Fosters tradition’.

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