1922 – 2022

North Anston Society of Aeromodellers

Since 1967

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We are a small club affiliated to the British Model Flying Association. BMFA is the working title of the Society of Model Aeronautical Engineers – SMAE Ltd., and the National Governing Body for the sport of model flying in the United Kingdom. The mandate for the BMFA to do this comes from the Royal Aero Club, dating back to 1922, the Civil Aviation Authority and the UK Sports council.

Our club attracts many rules due to the size and position of our flying field which determines our activities have to be modest which means we can only accommodate fixed wing aircraft. 

Whatever our aspirations, we must take care and fly safely at all times. By keeping a low profile in the area, keeping noise levels down, and by respecting our club rules, we hope not to attract any adverse publicity which could lead to the loss of our field which we have been lucky enough to use for over fifty six years.

To maintain our facilities we have to share duties between members.  We have a grass cutting rota to maintain our runway and field to a high standard and we have limited facilities to provide hot drinks and some shelter.

Members fly for their own pleasure with sport type models, but some are drawn to precision aerobatic flying.

Sunday afternoon is our main flying day and we try to accommodate anyone who requests help to fly their models safely, but arrangements need to be agreed before we take new members. If you are new to model flying one decision which has to be made before you start flying is which transmitter mode you want to use. (Link to Tx mode explanation).

Our Club badge was designed by Don Turner around 1984

** * * * A symbolic aircraft and Tx aerial with square wave output. * * * **



Following changes to Air Traffic Control Zones after the alleged drone activity endangering flights at major airports, in 2019 our rules changed. Before anyone flies a model at our field it is essential that they understand our agreement with Netherthorpe Airfield

Memorandum of Understanding – Netherthorpe Airfield

Country wide information can accessed by going to the BMFA GoMembership web site and clicking on the menu option:

Altitude Angel Portal.

After logging into AAP, zoom into our flying field and see the reason for our reliance on our agreement with Netherthorpe Airfield, Thorpe Salvin to enable continued use of our field at North Anston

Link to BMFA Article 16.

All members must indicate they have read and understood Article 16 published on the BMFA web site before flying a model above 250 grams

Flying Field Hazard Map

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