Club Form 3

Please accept my application to fly unsupervised.

These forms are available in the club house.

Name       __________________________________________       Date   _________________

Signature  __________________________________________       BMFA No  _____________

Current ModelĀ­   ______________________________________________________________–

I have read our club rules and those of the BMFA and understand my responsibility toward our hobby, my fellow members and particularly the rules for junior members of the club.

BMFA Proficiency Achievement Scheme:  ___________________________________        

This form handed to:    Signed  _____________________________    Dated  _______________

Agreed at the Committee Meeting:  Signed  ___________________    Dated  _______________

Comments (normally this section will remain blank).  The committee have agree this on the understanding that if another model is flown advice will be sort by you from a committee member before it is flown.

Club Records updated        ________________________Secretary    ___________________