Club Form 1

To be completed by any visitor or potential club member before they become active on the field.

These forms are available in the club house.


I wish to apply to fly/learn to fly at the Woodsetts Road Flying field under supervision.

I will only fly under supervision and at the invitation of a NASA club member.

I fully understand that it will be necessary for a club member to check my aircraft before it is flown.

If there is any question about my ability to fly from the club field, a NASA member will fly my aircraft for me to complete flight tests and trim it for stable flight.  During training it will also be necessary for my instructor to fly my aircraft.

I will not hold any member of North Anston Society of Aeromodellers responsible for my safety or that of my model or equipment or any damage or injury it may cause.

I have been given a copy of the Rules and Constitution of the club and agree to abide by them.

I understand the flying area and times have been designated for safety and noise consideration.

I also understand that I should strive to reduce the noise emitted from my model to maintain a low profile in the area.  I may have to change the propeller and/or silencer to satisfy the club rules.

Name  ________________    Signature ___________________               Club Name _________

                                                                       (The name you wish to be known as)

Address ________________________________________     email address _________________

Post Code ________________            Telephone Number  _______________________________  

If you are under the age of 18 we need your Parent/Guardians signature to confirm you/they have read and understood our club rules regarding young members and venerable adults.

Name (printed) ____________________________     Signed         _________________________

Are you a member of any other flying clubs? Please give their full titles:


BMFA Membership number ___________________ which expires on the 31st Dec this year.

BMFA Proficiency Achievement Scheme. 

Level attained:   ______                            Fixed Wing ___    Other _____________________

I have read and will comply with the ‘Memorandum of Understanding’ with Netherthorpe Airfield and I have read ‘Article 16’ on the BMFA web site and the need to take the proficiency test before I fly my model unless I hold a BMFA Proficiency Certificate dated before 2020. Tick to agree

This form handed to:      Signed  __________________________________    Dated  ___________ 

Instructor required?                   YES/NO                         Transmitter mode.  ________________                              

First instructor agreed to help.   Signed ___________________________        Dated  ___________

Form 1 ACH/NASA April 2021